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We are building a community of e-learning designers through training, coaching, and mentoring.

We are championing the adoption of e-learning and instructional design principles in organisations by conducting webinars and conferences. 

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Olanma Ijioma

eLID Hub Africa has inspired me to explore eLearning design which I didn't have clarity on before now. As a learning and development specialist creativity in content design is an integral aspect of my role. Also, the webinar sessions I attended have given me a clearer perspective on training delivery methods which I applied in my current role. Being a part of eLID Hub has expanded my knowledge in L&D.

Philip Ochika

The eLID Hub has had a significant impact on me; it has been a structured learning journey for me. The hub has created a supportive community, and I have benefited from a one-on-one coaching session where I received valuable feedback on my assignment on new tools such as Genially. I have also gained practical skills and insights into the eLearning field, and I am now empowered to pursue my dreams in edTech, contributing to both individual and organisational growth. Thank you eLID hub for providing an excellent experience.

Yokme Balogun Igbodor

eLID has opened my eyes to different career paths exploring the great potentials in L&D. Also, it’s a community where mentoring and coaching can help you improve on your skills. Lastly, it has helped me improve on elearning development.

Grace Adunola

The eLID has been so helpful in building my wealth of knowledge and helping me identify the skills i need to build to achieve my career development goal. It has made me realize how tech infusion can increase the learning experience of people.

eLID 2024 conference

May 8th and 9th 2024 Virtual conference

eLID is your exciting virtual conference focusing on e-learning and instructional design. For the first time, we’re gathering enthusiastic global L&D leaders who are eager to discuss their exciting ideas, impact, and experiences, and to inspire and engage with others. Join us as we share insights and stories that have shaped our journeys and collectively enrich our learning landscape.
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