About Us


Our Goal!

To Champion Digital Learning Design In Africa


We What Do!

Building eLearning champions in Africa! 

We provide aspiring and current learning professionals with resources, expertise, and a supportive network to enhance their abilities in crafting impactful learning experiences, ultimately aiding their organizations in achieving tangible results and maximizing return on investment ROI. 


Build a community of digital learning designers through training, coaching, and mentoring.

Champion the adoption of e-learning and instructional design principles in organisations through webinars, round tables and conferences.

Assisting non-profit organizations with efficient learning design in their learning initiatives

Showcase Africans who are trailblazing elearning with the adoption of technology to inspire upcoming professionals..

Our Instructors and mentors

Oyindamola Ojo-Eriamiatoe

eLearning Designer, Founder eLID and Board Director, The Learning Network

Oluwatoyin Puddicombe ACIPM SPHRi CCA

Career Fitness Coach and the Lead Consultant, T3 Talent Management Services

Ebunoluwa Jidonu

Learning and Development Specialist, certified MTN Nigeria trainer and a PwC Nigeria award winner

Olanma Ijioma

Learning and Development Specialist and HR Advisor

Moe ash

Learning Architect and Founder of the Catalyst

Yokme Balogun Igbodor

Learning and Development Specialist

About the Founder

Oyindamola is an innovative seasoned learning professional with over 15 years of expertise in entrepreneurship and learning and development. She is dedicated to driving success and empowering the next generation of eLearning Designers in Africa as a changemaker and fellow of the Clinton Global Initiative helping immigrants and other people transition to digital learning design career.

She is a Board member of Directors of The Learning Network in the United Kingdom. 

Oyindamola has a track record of empowering people with skills to become a better version of themselves and her impact earned her a recognition for diversification and impact during the covid lockdown,

She is a relentless learner and member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), I committed to achieving excellence.