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eLID conference '24

May 8th and 9th 2024

eLID is your exciting virtual conference focusing on e-learning and instructional design. For the first time, we’re gathering enthusiastic global L&D leaders who are eager to discuss their exciting ideas, impact, and experiences, and to inspire and engage with others. Join us as we share insights and stories that have shaped our journeys and collectively enrich our learning landscape.

Members of the community have access to free monthly workshops in elearning and instructional design earning different skills from the use of authoring tools, learning and  ID principles to learning trends like AI, scenario based courses.

The eLID webinar series is a monthly series where we have discussions about how L and D personnels can adopt eLearning and Instructional Design principles to become more valuable in their roles.

Are you currently an African L and D personnel who would like to make impact in your organisation, increasing your value and be positioned for better opportunities? 

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The mentoring program was launched to create a connecting point between experienced learning professionals and those who are are interested in self development and career development. 

This is a free initiatiove and anyone is welcomed to mentor or be mentored.