eLID Conference 2024

Virtual conference: May 8th and 9th 2024

eLID is your impactful virtual conference focusing on e-learning and instructional design. We’re gathering enthusiastic global L&D leaders who are eager to discuss their exciting ideas, impact, and experiences, and to inspire and engage with others. Join us as we share insights and stories that have shaped our journeys and collectively enrich our learning landscape.
The conference sessions would be in variety of formats 

  • Speaker sessions
  • Panel session
  • eLearning Design Workshop
Conference schedule

Our maiden conference features 15 global Learning and Development professionals who are adopting technology to impact performance in their organisational learning initiatives. 

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Thursday 9th May 2024

Note that time is in GMT+1


Building a Successful eLearning Business

Duration: 45 minutes

I will be discussing Key Principles and Best Practices, with the aim to offer insights into the essential components of a thriving eLearning business, including market positioning, content development strategies, monetization models, and customer acquisition techniques

Sarah Whuuk Yusuf


AI in action: Boosting instructional design

Duration: 40 minutes

Are you struggling to find time to really use your creativity while designing learning solutions? Are you looking for ways to save time from mundane tasks? Are you curious to find more about practical insights on using Gen-AI tools to enhance your designs? Join us for a 45-minute session that explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you use your time on more creative and relevant tasks. We'll bridge the gap between AI and creating truly engaging learning experiences, showcasing the potential of Generative AI (Gen-AI) tools to transform how we develop learning solutions.

Binnaz Cubukcu


Leading an Award-Winning Learning Team

Duration: 40 minutes

Learning to be a Learning Manager and coping with stresses, building resilience, supporting your team, etc.


Lunch & Visit to Conference Learning Museum

Duration: 60 minutes



Why your Learning and Development team needs Instructional and eLearning Design Skills to Thrive

Duration: 60 minutes

This session will give insight to the role of instructional designers and elearning designers in L& D teams and why their contribution is pivotal to effective learning interventions


Leveraging Generative AI and Learning Analytics in Education for Enhanced Student Engagement

Duration: 40 minutes

This session will explore how to use generative AI and learning analytics to enhance student engagement in education. Attendees will learn about strategies and tools for tailoring instructional approaches, fostering personalized learning experiences, and optimizing learning outcomes. The session will provide insights into creating dynamic and interactive learning environments that actively engage students in their educational journey.

Olalekan adeeko



Rethinking the Future of Learning; A shift from the Norm

Duration: 60 minutes

Tom McDowall


Conference Closing and Next Steps

Duration: 15 minutes

*A Visit to the conference Learning Museum
*Appreciation to all speakers, conference team, participants and sponsors.
*Post Conference Next Steps- Access to free mentoring Program. *Participation in Learning Design Challenge to win free access to Genially authoring tool premium subscription
*Access to free community

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