eLID Conference 2024

Virtual conference: May 8th and 9th 2024

eLID is your impactful virtual conference focusing on e-learning and instructional design. We’re gathering enthusiastic global L&D leaders who are eager to discuss their exciting ideas, impact, and experiences, and to inspire and engage with others. Join us as we share insights and stories that have shaped our journeys and collectively enrich our learning landscape.
The conference sessions would be in variety of formats 

  • Speaker sessions
  • Panel session
  • eLearning Design Workshop
Conference schedule

Our maiden conference features 15 global Learning and Development professionals who are adopting technology to impact performance in their organisational learning initiatives. 

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Introduction to the Conference: Opening Address

Duration: 15 minutes

This is an opening address by the founder of the eLearning and Instructional Designers Hub, eLID Hub to introduce to you the purpose of the community and the conference.
You would learn about the theme of the conference including all the schedule and what you should expect in the two days of the programme.

Oyindamola Ojo-Eriamiatoe


From Engineer to Ed-Preneur: Crafting Learning Experiences that Transform

Duration: 35 minutes

I would like to share my unique journey from a computer engineer to becoming a learning and development professional and entrepreneur. We'll explore what sparked my passion for L&D and how I transitioned into this field.The core of this session will delve into a transformative managerial development program I designed for a manufacturing company in India. We'll walk through the entire process, from understanding their specific needs to crafting a successful 6-month learning experience. I'll discuss the challenges of designing a program of this duration, the innovative elements I incorporated, and how we measured the program's impact on the participating managers.


Consulting as an Instructional Designer

Duration: 30 minutes

Understanding your client's brief is a key part of Instructional Design. I will share some essential questions to help you drill down into the true learning needs that your design must meet.



Designing Effective Evaluation Strategies in Learning Initiatives

Duration: 60 minutes

Andrew Jacob


Lunch & Visit to Conference Learning Museum

Duration: 60 minutes


Personalised Learning: Fostering Internal Coaching and Mentoring Program

Duration: 30 minutes

I will be speaking about Evidence-Based Practices for Reciprocal Growth. As work and the workforce change, companies need new approaches to attracting, developing and retaining talent and to building strong cultures that empower employees, drive performance and professional development.

Ebunoluwa JIdonu

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From Neurodivergent For Neurodivergent

Duration: 30 minutes

Top five tools to help you as a neurodivergent designer and top five must-haves to make your elearning neurodivergent inclusive.

Kristina Rogers

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Flowing experiences

Duration: 60 minutes

A session about the use of different behavioral science concepts and learning principles that influence constructing learning experiences.


Adopting eLearning for Business Growth

Duration: 30 minutes

How E-learning has become a game changer and positively impacting the growth of businesses globally

Onesimus Ocheho

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